How to edit a sales order after it's finalized

You can edit an order by clicking on the "Edit" button seen in the top right corner of the order page:

This will allow you to edit many of the fields on the order such as:

  • order number
  • shipping & tracking
  • invoice details
  • products (change quantities or remove items)
  • add more shipments to the order
  • move existing products to different shipments on the order

How to remove a product from an order

In edit mode you can remove an item by clicking on the 3 dots menu seen in the image below:

Product editing options

You can edit a product by clicking on its name:

A new screen will open up. Click on "Customize" to edit the pricing and quantities:

How to move a product to a different shipment

First, add the new shipment:

Next, select the product(s) you would like to move or add to the new shipment:

When you're finished editing the order don't forget to click the "Done" button!

Send a message to your customer

After you make any changes to the order we recommend sending a message to your buyer to let them know. You can do this by clicking on the Messages tab on the order page. Just type your message and click "Send Message":

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