How to update your wholesale pricing

How to set your wholesale pricing after syncing your ecommerce store

When you first sync your products to Candid, retail prices from your ecommerce store get imported over to Candid as MSRP. Wholesale prices however will need to be manually set, which can be done either individually or in bulk.

To get started, head to your Products page and click on the Pricing tab. Set the view filter to Published products if you only want to work with published products, or you can leave it set to Published & Draft which allows you to work with all of your synced products:

How to update pricing for a single product

  • Select the checkbox for the product you want to update (this will also select its variants/options)
  • Click on Edit Prices

  • Select how you want to create the wholesale price (margin, markup, or directly)
  • Enter the dollar amount or percentage (percentage will be calculated using MSRP if it's available)
  • Then click Update Selected Products

Note: Entering pricing directly is a good option if you don't use MSRP or if you know the exact dollar amount for each product:

How to update pricing in bulk

To update all of your products at once click on the Bulk Edit button:

In the bulk editor box choose how you want to edit your prices. You can choose either margin, markup, or directly (directly will only work if you want your products to all be the same price):

Note: If you have a long list of products you may be asked if you want to bulk update just the products visible on your screen or if you want to update all available products. By default the bulk editor will select all products:

How to update MSRP pricing after initial sync

When a new product is first added to Candid its MSRP pricing syncs over with it. However, if your MSRP changes on your synced website you will need to update the pricing manually in Candid since MSRP updates do not sync over after the initial sync.

You can update the MSRP by clicking on Edit MSRPs:

TIP: You can edit MSRP in bulk if you have groups of products with the same pricing. Use Search & Filter to find a specific group of products you would like to update.

Note: If you reach out to we can also update your MSRP so that it matches any recent updates to your ecommerce store. You will still need to update your wholesale pricing in Candid after we update the MSRP.

What about pricing on existing orders?

When a product is added to an order, its wholesale price is "frozen in time" at the moment it's added. This means that if you make pricing changes in your product manager later, it's not going to change the prices on any of your existing orders. 

How to change pricing on an order

If you need to override an items price on an order, you can do so by clicking on the Customize button seen next to the product on the order:

This will only affect the pricing on this particular order – neither your catalog or other orders will reflect the change.

What if I only have wholesale pricing and it syncs over to Candid as MSRP?

For companies where the imported prices are the wholesale prices, if you set the margin to 0%, it has the effect of setting the price to the current MSRP. From there we still need to fix MSRPs typically, but it's 1 less step. We can easily fix that for you, just contact us at

Can I hide MSRP from my catalog?

Yes! You can hide MSRP under Settings>Price Lists, Currencies & Taxes

What if I am adding products to Candid manually?

To learn more about how to update pricing on manual products click here: How to create new products directly in Candid

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