How to accept credit card payments

What is Candid Pay?

Candid Pay is our in-app payment processing system available to paid subscribers. It gives you the ability to accept credit card payments from buyers directly through our invoicing system's payment portal. This feature allows buyers to pay for their order with just a few clicks of a button when they open an invoice sent from you in Candid.

Will Candid Pay work with my accounting software?

While we have an integration with QuickBooks it does not work with Candid Pay if you choose to send invoices from QuickBooks. You will need to send invoices directly from Candid if you want your customers to pay using our payment processing services. For accounting purposes we recommend collecting payment first in Candid and then forwarding finalized order information to your accounting software for bookkeeping.

How does it work? Is it secure?

Candid Pay is powered by the payment processing platforms Stripe and Finix depending on where you're business is located. Both Stripe and Finix provide a high level of security that we think is valuable to our customers.

You can read more about their PCI compliance here:

I have a Stripe account with Candid already, how do I switch to Finix?

We now use Finix for all of our US based customers so we recommend switching if you are able to do so. If you have a business address based in the US and sell in USD you can switch to Finix anytime by getting started here:

What are the transaction fees?

Note: All fees are estimates at time of publication and are subject to change.

Finix (US based accounts):

Stripe (Internationally based accounts):

2.9% + 30ยข per successful card charge

+ 1.5% for international cards

+ 1% if currency conversion is required

If a buyer presents payment on an invoice using a foreign-based currency (like a credit card issued by a foreign bank for example) then there are additional Stripe fees of +1.5% for international transactions and +1% for currency conversion.

You can learn more about selling internationally here: International Support For Sellers

Note: If you already have an account with Stripe, you will still need to create a separate Candid Pay account. These two accounts can use the same email address and bank account, but they also don't have to. Just know that they are required to be two completely separate accounts, and you can't access one from the other.

How to set up your Candid Pay account

Click on the Candid Pay > Get Started button located on your Seller HQ page and follow the prompts to apply for your account. Most applications are accepted or declined the same day.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that all applications will be accepted by our payment processors system since we cannot dictate their verification process. If you do run into any issues during the application process please reach out to us at:

To learn more about the Finix application process and how to fill out the forms click here: Applying for a Finix account

How to access your Candid Pay dashboard

After you set up your account you will be able to view all of your transactions by clicking on the same Candid Pay tile found near the bottom of your Seller HQ page:

Finix users will receive an email invite to access their dashboard that looks like this:

Payout Speed

Finix uses Next Day ACH by default to payout to sellers. Through Next Day ACH, funds from payouts are available the next business day after the settlement is approved.

How long do ACH payments made by buyers take to process?

Finix defaults to standard ACH funding timelines. By default, Finix puts in a 5-day delay before ACH Direct Debits can settle and become available for approval.

ACH Direct Debits take longer than credit card payments to move and settle funds. To account for this, Finix creates a delay to accommodate any ACH Returns that could occur. This delay is called an ACH Settlement Delay.

By default, Finix puts in a 5-day delay before ACH Direct Debits can settle and become available for approval in a Settlement. Please note that it can take 4-10 business days for the buyer's bank to fully process and confirm the debit was successful.

What happens if my customer's card failed?

This can happen due to multiple factors such as the wrong card information being entered, an expired card, or lack of funds. Usually when a card is declined the issuing bank will send a reason for the decline so that you and the customer know what steps to take to resolve the issue. For Finix users you can find card decline reasons in your Finix dashboard under the Transactions>Payments section.

Please note that Candid is unable to resolve card declines on behalf of the customer and they will need to contact their bank directly.

How do refunds work?

You can issue credits and refunds directly in Candid. Click here to learn more: How to issue credits and refunds

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