Can I include PDFs and URL links with my orders?

If you have any lookbooks or line sheets in PDF form you can upload them to your catalog editing page so that you can share them with your buyers. These PDFs will then be available for downloading whenever a customer is viewing your catalog and building orders:

How to upload a PDF to your catalog

To get started head to your Catalog page and click on "PDFs" in the settings menu:

You can upload up to two PDFs and name them whatever you like:

The PDFs will then show up at the top of your catalog and when creating orders so that your buyers have the option to download them as needed:

How to add a URL link to your catalog

If you need more than two attachments or want to include a URL link rather than an attachment, you can put a link in the "Learn more" section of your catalog:

To add the URL click on Settings>Edit Catalog Description:

In the box that opens up, you can add any text you want including a URL link. Plain text and URLs work, but if you want to pretty things up you can also add basic markdown tags:

Your customers will then be able to view this info at the top of your catalog. They will see something similar to the image below when they click "Learn more":

How to include a URL link on an order

If you want similar info to show up on the order you can add a URL to the notes field:

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