Ecommerce platforms that Candid integrates with

For brands, integrating with your ecommerce store allows you to quickly import all of your product information into Candid and set up your catalog for buyers to order from. Candid supports direct integrations with the following ecommerce platforms:

You also have the ability to sync your Candid account to more than one ecommerce site if you have a combination of more than one of the above platforms. To set up multiple integrations please contact our support team at:

You can also use a combination of integrated and manually created products. To do this we recommend syncing your store first and adding the manual products later.

How auto-syncing works with product information

Any time changes are made to product and variant details in your ecommerce store, those same products and their variants will then update over in Candid. Product sync usually happens automatically but it can also take a few minutes or longer depending on site traffic that day. We recommend refreshing your Candid browser first if you notice things loading slow but please contact us if it's taking more than an hour or so.

New products

When you create new products in your ecommerce store those new products will also sync over to Candid after the initial integration. New products by default show up in Candid as unpublished.

What doesn't change in Candid

By default Product Names, Descriptions, and Images do not change in Candid when you make changes to them in your ecommerce store. If you need to update any of these 3 things let us know. You can also update them directly in Candid as needed.

How to get connected

To connect to your ecommerce store, head over to your Seller HQ and click on the Complete Catalog link and it will guide you through all the initial steps.

Connecting your ecommerce store will allow the following product data to get imported over to Candid: title, description, MSRP, tags, and images. After your store is connected you will then be able to use your synced ecommerce products to create a wholesale catalog.

What happens if I want to disconnect my ecommerce integration?

  • Inventory will no longer sync automatically between Candid and your ecommerce store. If you want to reconcile them in the future you will either need to reconnect, enter inventory numbers manually, or upload a CSV with inventory quantities into Candid.
  • All future products will need to be manually created in Candid or imported via spreadsheet.
  • If you decide to reconnect later, this can create duplicate products (which you can always archive as needed).

Next steps

After connecting your ecommerce store you can begin to set up your catalog(s). Continue to the next article in this series to learn more: How to publish your synced ecommerce products

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