How to cancel an order as a seller

You can cancel an order at any point during the order lifecycle. If the order is a draft (unsent) you can delete the order. If the order is partially approved or approved you can still cancel the order but you will be required to notify the buyer with a reason for the cancellation. Please note before cancelling an order any refunds due to the buyer should be settled first.

How to delete a draft order

You can delete any order while it's still in a draft state. To delete an order, open the order you wish to delete and click on the dotted menu and select "Delete Draft":

How to cancel a partially approved or approved order

In the dotted drop-down menu select "Cancel Order":

Once you click Cancel Order, a messaging box will open up which will allow you to notify the other party. After you cancel an order the other party will also be notified via email.

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