How to add a one-time discount to an order

How to add a discount to a draft order

On the Edit Order page scroll to the bottom of the order where you see the order totals. This is where you can add a discount to the order:

Either a dollar or percentage amount can be used. To change the type of discount click on the text that says Discount, type in the amount and then click enter on your keyboard. The total will automatically subtract the discount amount:

Important Note: Once the order is fully approved you can then apply the discount to the order invoice(s).

How to add a discount to an approved order

You can still add a discount to an order after it's been approved by both parties but you will need to click on the EDIT button seen in the top right corner of the order before you can create the discount:

On the order enter the discount amount:

After you add the discount to the order you will then need to apply the discount to the invoice(s):

Adding a discount to multiple shipments / invoices

Since orders can have multiple shipments that means they can have multiple invoices. This means you have the option to add a discount to each invoice. This can get quite tricky if you have several invoices for one order so we highly recommend working out the math separately and then carefully applying the discount to each invoice.

What about coupon codes?

To learn how to create coupon codes and other promotions please visit: How to create promotional discounts

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