How to create test orders

To see how creating orders in Candid works you can use our house test account for making test orders. In this scenario you will be creating a test order with your own products and then sending the order to our buyer test account.

Or, you can create your own buyer test account and use that to create test orders with your seller account.

Instructions for both options are below:

Option 1 - Use our house test account

Step 1

To get started, go to the Seller HQ page and click the button that says New Order:

Step 2

On the next screen, type Candid Wholesale into the search box and click enter:

Step 3

After you select our test company, you will see a draft order form next. This is where you will begin to add your own products to the order:

You can then submit the order to us just for practice, or you can delete the order.

To see detailed instructions on how to create order click here: How to create an order as a seller

Option 2 - Create your own buyer test company

If you want to see what the buyer experience is like in Candid just follow the instructions below:

Important!! You will need to use a separate email than the one you originally used to sign up to Candid with.

  1. Log completely out of Candid (make sure extra tabs/windows of Candid are also closed)
  2. On the Candid sign-in page click "Create Account"
  3. Select Add Company Manually (do not enter your own company's URL!)
  4. Make sure you use a different email than the one you use for your real account
  5. Fill in any details you like but make sure you put the word TEST in your test account name
  6. Select "Buyer" as your status
  7. From the Buyer HQ click "New Order"
  8. In the seller search field type your company name and click "Search"
  9. Fill out an order form with some products from your catalog and click the submit button to send the purchase order to your seller account

Detailed buying instructions can be found here: A step-by-step introduction to buying on Candid

When creating a buyer test company you will need to add the test company manually. You can do that by clicking on Add Company Manually. This will allow you to bypass the need to enter a website URL for the test account. If you try and add your seller websites URL you will get an error message since that company was already created in Candid.

Note: Please know that all test accounts are temporary and will be periodically removed from the system in order to keep our database clean. If you need to use your test account for longer than a few weeks please let our support team know.

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