Best practices for working with multi-location orders

If you are buying or selling to or from a business that has multiple locations it might be tempting to create just one big order and add on multiple shipments for that order. The reason this is a bad idea is that if you have a single order that's say shipping to 3 or more different locations this will make it harder to track those shipments in Candid.

Take the following example -

This is an order with multiple shipments that are all going to the same location but their just being shipped out at different times:

As you can tell from looking at the image above, there's no way to tell if the order is shipping to different locations unless you click on the orders themselves.

The other reason creating one order for different shipping locations isn't recommended is because this adds another layer of confusion when it comes to managing shipping charges and shipment/delivery tracking details.

For these reasons we recommend creating individual orders for different addresses. In the example below we have done that and also changed the order numbers to reflect the city they are shipping to:

This method will help you track your orders better and assure that deliveries and/or shipments are being managed for the correct location.

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