Managing Sales Reps in Candid

ATTENTION: After account creation we highly recommend that all new sales reps and the brand they rep for attend a Candid training session together to help you both get familiar with our system. You can book a time for that here: Book an onboarding

Whether you're a sales rep yourself or a brand that works with them, Candid has features to make your workflow easier, including:

  • Personalized catalogs and price lists for each rep
  • Detailed order and product-level reporting (for calculating commissions and more)
  • Automatic rep-to-customer assignment
  • Segmented access to limit visibility into other reps' orders and customers

If you're a showroom or work with one, you can learn more here: Getting started as a showroom guide.

Please Note: If you need accounts set up for your sales reps please reach out to Candid support and we'll get those all set up for you!

Unique catalog sharing links for reps

Reps can have one or more distinct shareable catalog links. This allows reps to share a catalog link with their customers for easy ordering.

Reasons to have unique catalog links include:

  • Different product availability for different customers
  • Different prices for different customer types (wholesale vs. trade, etc.)
  • Different currencies for different territories

Detailed instructions on how to create different catalogs can be found in here: How to create custom Price Lists and assign them to Catalogs

Rep reporting

The most commonly requested reporting feature for sales reps is the monthly order report. You can create almost any kind of report you want using order filters, but for this one in particular you're going to want to set the date range like so for ship date:

And like so for payment date:

If you have reps working in multiple time zones, it can be helpful to expand the range +/- one day to accommodate time zone differences (eg, 2/28 to 4/1 for March report) then manually review the off-month orders to see which month they should be counted for.

You can read all about generating reports here: How to download current sales reports guide.

Assigning a rep to a customer

This can be done either via the Customers area:

Or on the order itself:

Once a rep is assigned to a customer all new orders with that customer will automatically be assigned to that rep moving forward. Note that previous orders will stay the same as before the rep relationship was created. If you need to change any older orders to be assigned to the new rep you will need to do so manually.

Controlling order and customer access

There are two ways to set up the rep-brand relationship:

  1. Rep can only see their assigned orders and contacts
  2. Rep has full control over brand, including product and catalog management

You can customize these settings under the Settings>Reps & Showrooms area of your account:

Note: If you have reps that only work in certain territories let us know during rep account set up and we can help customize this for you!

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