Reporting tools for brands, sellers and reps

How to find the Reports page

Reporting tools can be found under the Sales page in the left panel navigation menu. Click on "Sales" first and then you will find "Reports" located under "Orders" in the navigation menu:

On the main page you will see a broad overview of your most recent sales:

You can choose to filter the reports view to only "Product Sales" or "Customer Sales" by clicking one of the tabs seen in the image below:

You can also choose from a variety of filters to further customize the reports you need. When your done customizing your report you will then have the option to save a copy of your report to your computer.

After you have selected your filters, click the download button to save the report to your computer:

How to use the order printer

The "Printer" tab on the Reports page can be used to download orders and invoices in bulk as PDFs. Note that you can use search filters to create a specific range of orders you want to download:

What are Legacy Reports?

The "Legacy Reports" tab takes you to our old reporting page which we are slowly phasing out and replacing with the new Reports page. This is necessary in order to make some much needed improvements to the reporting tools we can currently offer to our customers. We will be rolling out more reporting improvements over the coming months.

Other reporting options

Order, Product, and Payment Reports

You can also download reports on the Sales page, you can learn more here: How to download reports from the orders page

Inventory Reports

On the Products>Inventory page you can download a CSV of your current product inventory:

Current Product and Pricing Reports

On the Products>Pricing page you can download a CSV of all of your products and their pricing:

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