How to create promotional discounts

With Candid you have the ability to create promotions such as coupons and free shipping. When creating a promotion, you can choose to set it up for your entire collection or just for select catalogs or products.

How to create coupon codes

To get started head to your Settings page and select the "Promotions" tab. Then select Discount:

Next, you can choose to limit the promotion to just a catalog collection, catalog section, or to specific products. Note that if you don't make any selections during this step the coupon will be available to use on any product:

Next, enter the coupon code you want to use, add a brief description, and the discount percentage:

Note that you can select a specific date range that you want the promotion to run. Or you can leave the dates unselected if you want the promotion to run indefinitely. Click Add Promotion to activate it:

You can always come back and edit a promotion. You can also archive the promotion when you are finished with it. You can also run multiple promotions at the same time:

How to create a free shipping promotion

Similar to the steps above, but this time click the Free Shipping button:

Next, enter the code and description you want to use:

Note that you can enter a date range or leave it unselected. Click Add Promotion when your finished:

How to create a promotion for a Collection / Catalog

Select Discount if it's not already selected, then under Collections select the Collection(s) to apply the promotion to:

Next, fill out the rest of the details as normal, then click Add Promotion:

How to apply an automatic discount to your Catalog(s)

If you would rather not have your customers enter a coupon code, you can set up your catalog to automatically apply the discount to all new orders.

To do this, head to your catalog page, and click on the "Manage Catalogs" in the Catalog dropdown:

Next, select the Promotion you would like to apply to that Catalog:

How to apply a Coupon Code to an order

Enter the code text into the Coupon Code field and click enter:

Note: Coupon codes are case sensitive and need to match exactly.

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