Can I import my Candid orders into Shopify?

At this time there is not a way to automatically send orders made in Candid to Shopify. Orders created in Candid live entirely within Candid and our Shopify integration is limited to only inventory adjustments and the syncing of product details. However, if you need to recreate your Candid orders within Shopify for any reason, you may be able to do so by importing a CSV of your Candid orders into Shopify.

The reason we don't allow orders to sync back to Shopify is because it can break sales reporting and lead to major inaccuracies. It can also cause problems if you have products that were created in Candid and don't exist in your Shopify store(s). In general, we recommend keeping retail and wholesale orders separate whenever possible to help maintain accurate product inventory and sales reporting.

How to download a CSV of your Candid orders

To get started head to your Orders page. You can choose to download all of your orders or you can use the Search & Filter tool to select specific orders or date ranges for the CSV. Then click the download button:

The export will look similar to the image seen below:

The CSV download can then be used to import your Candid orders into any platform that accepts CSV imports.

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