How to calculate taxes on sales orders

In the settings area of your account you can create taxes that can be automatically added to all of your customer's orders, or if you prefer, the taxes can be assigned to individual customers only.

To create a new tax go to Settings> Price Lists, Currencies & Taxes in your account. Enter the name and percentage rate of tax you would like to create and then click Add Tax:

Note that you have the option to set any tax you create to be the default on all orders. When you make the tax the default it will apply automatically to every customer's order:

How to set up taxes for individual customers

If you would prefer to set taxes per individual customer instead of as the default for everyone, you have that option as well.

From your Customers Details pages you can assign taxes to individual customers like seen in the image below:

Once you set up the tax the way you want it to work, it will show up on invoices like so:

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