How to create product case packs and enforce quantities

If you have products that are sold only in multiples, Candid gives you two tools to achieve this:

  • Case Packs: Group products to be sold by the case, dozen, etc.
  • Increments: Enforce strict rules around how many units can be bought (eg, "only multiples of 6")

You can use these tools individually or together, as makes the most sense for your product!

How to create a case pack from an individual product

This feature enables you to sell products by the case and have the individual units tracked so that inventory is accurately captured.

From your product list, select the product you would like to create case packs for:

Next, you can either choose to edit the current product OR you can create a copy of that product and use the copy to turn into a case pack. If you don't plan on selling the product individually (in addition to the case pack) then you can go ahead and just edit the original product.

Note: If you are currently integrated with Shopify or another ecommerce site, the changes you make in your Candid account won't affect that product in your ecommerce site since the integration only syncs product updates from Shopify into Candid. Updates you make to your products in Candid will never sync back to Shopify. Only inventory levels sync back to your ecommerce site (depending on how you want to track inventory).

How to duplicate a product

If you need to make a copy of the product first, you can do so by clicking Duplicate Product at the bottom of the product editor:

You can then use the COPIED product and move on to the next step. OR you can just use the original product and move onto the next step below. 👇🏻

Click on the Options tab and then click Bulk & Case Pack:

Enter the quantity for each item in the amount that you want to sell in bulk:

Note: Your changes will save automatically!

Next, you will want to navigate to the Details tab of the editor and adjust the pricing so that it reflects the case pack pricing:

Optional - Change the name of your updated product

We also highly recommend changing the name of your product to reflect that it's a bulk case pack. You can do this under the Product Info tab:

What do case packs look like on an order?

On the order you will see the case pack quantity and the price like you would for any other product except the stock column will reflect that each unit contains multiple items:


Also in the Bulk & Case Pack area of the Product>Options editor is a column labeled "Increment Qty":

This is set to "1" by default and limits the range picker on the order form. For example, if you set the increment quantity to be 6, customers will only be able to purchase multiples of 6 for this variant:

Clicking the up or down arrows on an order will now cycle through multiples of 6 instead of moving up and down by 1:

If you later decide to change this number (say, to increments of 7), this won't affect product quantities already entered on existing orders but if you or the buyer later attempt to edit these quantities they'll follow the new rules (in this case, increments of 7).

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