How to pre-approve orders from your buyers

If you prefer to have all orders sent from your buyers approved automatically you have the ability to make this a global setting for all new orders. This bypasses the need for you to individually approve orders and also skips right to the invoicing and shipping step in the order life cycle.

How to set up all new orders to be pre-approved

From your Catalog>Customize page you can select whether or not you want orders to be pre-approved for all your buyers under the "Order Approvals" menu:

How to auto-approve new orders for specific customers

If you prefer to not auto-approve all orders you also have the option do auto-approve on a per customer basis. To do this head to your Customers page and select a customer from your list. You can then edit this setting for them on their Customer Detail page:

How to pre-approve individual orders

If you created the order for the customer and need to pre-approve it you can also do that at the order level using the drop-down menu as seen below:

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