How to publish a single product to more than one section

NOTE: If you haven't created any product sections yet, visit this link first and see Step 4: How to publish products to one or more Collections

To get started, head to your Products page:

Use search filters as needed to find the product(s) you would like to edit:

Click on the drop-down menu in the Section column that corresponds with that product:

Select each product section you would like the product to appear in. A checkmark will appear letting you know which sections the product will be visible in:

How to assign multiple products to different sections in bulk

You can also use search filters to select a group of products to update in bulk:

Next, select the checkboxes next to the product(s) you want to edit, then click Edit Section:

Note: Clicking the Bulk Edit button will select ALL of the products in your search results.

A drop-down list of the sections you already created will appear. Simply select each section you would like the selected products to be included in:

Note: If you need to remove products from a section you can do so by unchecking each section.

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