How to upload your customer list to Candid

If you have a CSV list of your customers you can send the CSV to our support team and we can get them added to your Candid CRM.

CSVs and any questions can be sent to:

You can download the CSV template by clicking here.

What info needs to be on the CSV?

  • Your customer's business name
  • Their first and last name
  • Their email address
  • A link to their website (URL)
  • Their shipping address

You can optionally use this same template to upload sales reps you want associated with your account, just indicate "Rep" in the field labeled "Rep or Customer?" (If left blank, we'll assume it's a customer.)

Note: We use web addresses to help verify new accounts but if you have a customer who doesn't have a website we can also accept a social media account link such as their Facebook or Instagram account.

Once we have the list uploaded you will be able to view your customers under the Customers page in your Candid account.

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