How to add order and product minimums

In your account you have the ability to set product and order minimums so that your customers will know how much they need to purchase before sending an order to you.

You can set order minimums for product quantity as well as new order and reorder minimums.

How to set order minimums

To get started click on your Catalog page seen in the sidebar navigation:

Under the Customize Catalog menu click on "Minimums":

From here you can set the minimum required for first orders and reorders:

The order minimums will then show up on all orders moving forward:

And if a buyer tries to submit an order without meeting the minimum they will get a notification:

How to set order minimums for individual customers

Order minimums can also be edited under the Customer Details page where the amount can be overridden on a per-customer basis as needed:

How to create product minimums

To add minimums to products head to your Products page. Select a product by clicking on its name which will then open the product's editing page:

Type the number in the Minimum Qty field:

The minimum quantity will now show up when the product is viewed in the catalog. If the minimum has not been met an alert notification will appear next to the product on the order:

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