How to create new products directly in Candid

You can create new products directly from your product manager page. With this feature, you can create new products and publish them to your catalog without needing to sync directly to an external ecommerce site.

Please note that new products made directly in Candid do not sync back to any of your connected ecommerce stores.

To get started head to your Products page and click on the Add Product button:

Step 1 - Enter a product name

Under the Product Info tab type in a name for your product. Your text will save automatically.

Step 2 - Add a product description

Under the Product Info tab you can add a description for your product. Click the Save button when you are done entering text:

Step 3 - Upload images

You can upload multiple images at once from your computer. After you are done uploading the images you can then use the arrows to move them into the order you want them to appear in your catalog:

Step 4 - Add product options

Click on the Options tab, then enter the option name and underneath that each of it's variants. Then click on the Save Options button:

Step 5 - Publish your new product

Publish your product to a catalog, note that products can be published to more that one catalog:

Once you publish the product to a catalog you can choose which catalog section you want to include it in:

Step 6 - Add a product note or tag (optional)

Step 7 - How to set the inventory stock levels for your new product (optional)

To edit the inventory first toggle the Inventory Policy button to the on" position:

Then under the Options tab type in the inventory numbers for the product in the Current Stock field. These numbers can be tracked when orders are placed:

Step 8 - Set the pricing for your new product

Under the Options tab you can set MSRP and Wholesale Price. Use the bulk editor to update all the pricing for each variant at once:

Note: If you have multiple price lists set up you can also choose which Price List to include this product in during this step:

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How to find your Candid created products

Products that you have made in Candid will show up with our logo next to them in your product manager page. This is to help differentiate them from other products if you happen to also have an ecommerce store integration. You can use the Search & Filter tool to quickly find all of these products:

Need a new product just for one particular order?

This is a great option for samples or special items for a particular customer. For this option you will use the order form itself to create the unique product.

First find the order you want to add the product to. Then while in View Catalog mode click the dotted menu near the right corner of the screen to find Add Custom Product:

You will then create the new product the same way as we outlined in the steps at the beginning of this tutorial. The difference is the product only exists on that particular order unless you choose to publish it to your catalog as well.

If you want to publish the custom product you can do so on your Products page as seen in the example below:

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