How to publish products to one or more collections

How to get started setting up your Catalog Collection(s)

Head to your Product Manager which can be found by clicking on the Products tab in the left-side navigation panel:

The following is a list of some of the main tasks that can you do in the Product Manager:

  • Publish or unpublish Products to a Collection
  • Archive Products (deletion not available at this time)
  • Assign Products to Sections
  • Edit MSRP and wholesale pricing
  • Edit individual Product images, descriptions and variants
  • Manage inventory settings
  • Add Product notes and tags

How to use search filters & bulk editing tools

Click on Bulk Edit to use the bulk editing toolbar:

To use search filters click on the Add Filter button:

Unpublished vs Published vs Archived

Published Products are available for purchase while Unpublished Products remain hidden until you choose to publish them. You can also choose to archive Products that you want removed.

Please note that Product deletion is not available at this time. Archiving Products will completely hide them from your active Product list view, but you can bring them back at any time.

Step 1 - How to select Products to publish to a Collection

To get started, select the Products you want to publish to your Collection. You can either publish Products to a Collection in bulk or individually. You can select Products by checking/unchecking the boxes in each row. Selecting the top checkbox will select all Products:

Tip: If you have more Products that you want in a Collection than out, one quick way to add them to a Collection is to publish all of them at once and then unpublish the individual ones that you don't want in that Collection.

Step 2 - How to bulk publish selected Products to a Collection

After you have selected the Products that you want in a Collection, click on Publish/Unpublish in the bulk edit toolbar. Then select New Status and select Published and then click Save:

Note that you can filter the Product view between draft, published and archived by using the filters seen here:

Step 3 - Check your work and preview your Catalog Collection

This is a good time to preview your work and see what your customers will see. You can do this by heading to your Catalogs page:

Step 4 - How to create Product Sections (optional)

Head to your Catalogs page and navigate to Sections:

Click on Add A New Section and then enter the title and description (description is optional) and click save:

Note: You will need to click into the description box in order to click the save button.

Step 5 - How to add your Products to the Sections you created

For this part head back to your Products page. You can add your Products to Sections individually:

or in bulk:

Click Bulk Edit and then click Edit Sections:

Step 6 - How to add your Wholesale Pricing

When you sync your ecommerce products to Candid the MSRP prices will sync over but not wholesale pricing. This way you have full control over what you want to set your markup as.

To get started click on the Pricing tab:

Select the Products you want to update by selecting their adjacent checkboxes. You can select them all at once or individually. You can also select certain Products by name or SKU by using search filters.

Click on Edit MSRPs or Edit Prices text to open up the pricing editor. From here you can update all your pricing by markup or margin percentage:

If the pricing for your Products varies you can also choose to edit each variant individually:

Step 7 - How to set your Inventory settings

To manage your inventory settings click on the Inventory tab:

You can choose to sell available stock only on all or just some of your Products by toggling this button on/off:

To bulk edit your inventory settings you will need to click on the gear wheel icon found next to the Inventory tab:

Step 8 - How to add Product notes (optional)

You can add Product notes by clicking on the notes field for each Product. This can be done in bulk or individually:

Step 9 - How to add Product tags (optional)

Tags can be handy when you're searching for a particular group of Products. You can create Product tags by clicking on the tags field in each Product row. Tags can be edited in bulk or individually:

Note that tags from Shopify will also sync over after integrating with your store.

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Need help getting set up?

These features are very customizable but can be tricky to get right the first time. Our support team is happy to jump on a Zoom call and set everything up for you, just message us if you would like assistance:

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