How to add or invite your customers to Candid

We recommend adding or inviting your buyers to Candid using one of these methods:

  1. Order invites - you create a draft order, add the buyer's contact info to the order, and send the order to them. This will send them an email with a clickable link that directs them to the order, which will then prompt them to create an account so that they can view the order in Candid.
  2. Catalog & Storefront links - you share your catalog or storefront link with your buyer, which allows them preview your catalog. When they click on "start an order" from your catalog they will then be prompted to create their own account after which they can start ordering from you.
  3. Send a catalog or storefront link in a group email to all of your approved buyers - if you have a large group of buyers this is the fastest way to invite all of your buyers to create an account. It's also a good way to announce that you will be using Candid for wholesale ordering. If you need onboarding materials for your buyers we recommend sharing this guide with them: A step-by-step introduction to buying on Candid
  4. Send your buyer list to us as a spreadsheet- send us a CSV list of your buyers and we can add them to your customer list in your account. Contact our support team to get started with this option.
  5. Add your customers to Candid manually - you can create accounts for your customers by adding them to your Customers page, click here to learn more about this method.
  6. Send your buyers an onboarding link in an email - this is a good method if your customer list has already been added to your Candid account. You can find onboarding links for each customer under your Customers page. You can learn more about this here: How to send your customers an onboarding link

Sample text that you can send to your customer

Below is some sample text that you can use to send to your customer along with a catalog or onboarding link:

Dear Customer Name

To improve our wholesale ordering experience, we are moving our ordering system to a website called Candid Wholesale. I'd like to invite you to the new account that I created for you so that you can easily place orders with us. There are no fees to use Candid and their ordering process is very simple.

Here are the steps to place an order with us:
Step 1 Click on this link to get started:     - - - - [ PASTE IN YOUR ONBOARDING LINK HERE ] - - - -
Step 2 Click on the  Get Started button 
Step 3  Enter your info then click  Register
I'd also like to share Candid's buying guide to assist you in creating your first order using the new system:  A step-by-step introduction to buying on Candid
If you have any questions about how to use Candid you can reach out to their support team directly:


Your Name

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