How to set up your branded storefront

What's a storefront?

A storefront is a way to let customers know that you sell wholesale and how they can order from you.

Do I need a Storefront to sell on Candid?

No. It's entirely optional and you are not required to create a storefront in order to sell in Candid. You can instead just share your product catalog with your customers.

How does having a storefront benefit me?

Some sellers like to use the storefront as a marketing tool. Anyone with a storefront will be given a unique link that can be shared with current and potential customers. People you share your storefront link with will be given the option to register for a wholesale account with you (a Candid account) and start ordering from your catalog.

To learn more about how to market your wholesale store click here: How to promote your online store

Is my storefront secure?

We have a system for verifying all new retailers who sign up to use Candid which helps keep our site very secure. Keep in mind any new order a customer places with you must have your final approval. This way no orders will slip through from buyers you don't want to sell to. You also have the option to use a customizable registration form so that buyers can't see your catalog before they get your approval.

Ready to get started?

Click on the Storefront page to start editing your storefront while following the instructions below.

Step 1 - Let's build your brand card

Your brand card is what customers see when they search for you in the Candid database. You can select 1-3 images to upload.

Note: These images won't be visible in your storefront but they will be visible to your customers when they search for your company during order creation. Your brand card will also be visible on your customer's Buyer HQ's for fast reordering.

You will also want to add a short tagline to your brand card with a brief description of your company or product. The image below shows what this will look like in the editor:

Note: No need to hit save, any changes you make will save automatically!

Step 2 - Create your cover collage

Click on Cover Collage to move to the next section to edit:

Next, you will be uploading images for your cover collage (also called a header) as seen in the example below:

You can have up to three different groups of images, and up to three different images for each group. Each image group can also have its own layout:

Deleting images

You can delete any image by clicking on the image and then selecting "clear" underneath it.

Changing the layout of images

The images can be dragged and dropped in any order by using your mouse.

You can also group your images in 3 different ways. You can switch between grouping options by clicking on each group:

Step 3 - Finish your profile

The next step will be adding details about what you do. Some details we recommend adding are:

  • A profile image
  • Select one option of how you want buyers to place orders and/or contact you
  • 1-2 paragraphs about your brand story
  • 1-2 paragraphs about your creative process
  • A description of your products
  • Ordering details such as terms and minimums (recommended)
  • Product photos that best represent your store

Note about editing text - to make paragraph breaks, hit return twice.

View your finished storefront

You can see what your storefront looks like by clicking on Visit at the bottom of the editor:

Sharing your storefront

You can create a link to your storefront by clicking on Share at the bottom of the editor. This shareable link can then be pasted into emails, web pages, linesheets, or anywhere else you want buyers to find you.

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