How to send an invoice to a buyer

After an order has been approved by both parties, you can send an invoice to your buyer from right inside the order form. Once you send the invoice, the buyer will then get an email with a link to pay their invoice.

Note: In order for your buyers to pay for their invoices directly in Candid, you will first need to set up Candid Pay. If you don't want to use Candid Pay you can still send invoices using the method outlined below, process payment using your preferred method, and then record the invoice as paid.

To get started, fill out any important information you would like the buyer to know such as the due date, terms, and shipping costs. Once everything is filled out click Send Invoice:

In the Send Invoice box select the recipient you would like to send the invoice to. You can choose from your saved contact list or enter a new billing email. You also have the option to send a note along with the invoice:

Afterward, the invoice will show as awaiting payment until the buyer submits payment. You can also send invoice reminders as needed. If your buyer is paying outside of Candid, you can click "Record Offline Payment" and it will mark their invoice as paid.

What does the buyer see on their end? 

When you send an invoice to a buyer, they will receive an email with the invoice balance, order number, invoice number, due date, payment terms, and a link to view or pay their invoice in Candid.

We try to keep our information very minimal on these types of transactional emails so that your customer knows right away that their invoice is coming directly from you.

Below is an example of what the email might look like when you send an invoice:

When the buyer clicks on "View Invoice" in the email they will be taken to their invoice where they will see a "Payment Terminal" button:

When the buyer clicks the Payment Terminal button they will be taken to a payment portal that lets them enter their billing information and submit their payment. After the payment is sent both parties will receive a confirmation email.

Note: If you don't have Candid Pay set up your customer will not be able to pay their invoice using the above method. You can still invoice them using Candid but instead of a Payment Terminal link they will see a link that says "Manage Order" when they open the email.

Manual Payment / Record Payment:

Use this option if you need to record a payment made outside of Candid.

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