How to set email permissions and notifications

How to set a primary contact

Each company in Candid has a single user assigned as the Primary Contact. This defaults to the first user who signed up or created the account. This setting can be changed via the Make Primary button in your settings page:

How to change your email notification settings

Also located on your settings page is the ability to set which members of your team get email notifications:

Once notification preferences have been set, two things will happen moving forward:

  1. People who are set to always be BCC'd on specific order events will receive a copy of those notifications - this lets them stay in the loop without getting buried in emails they don't need to see.
  2. People who are set to "Be added as a To: recipient" will then show up in your company's email contact section of the order's Discussion & Timeline

This lets people in your company opt out of receiving emails entirely. Additionally, you can manually add anyone's email via the "CC:" field on the order and they will be added to the conversation moving forward.

How to have multiple users get email alerts

If you have multiple people who need to be notified, the easiest way to do this is to create a forwarding alias outside of Candid (eg, set "orders@mycompany" to forward to both "shipping@mycompany" + "billing@mycompany"), invite that email address to Candid as a user for your company, and assign them as Primary Contact.

Here are detailed instructions for setting up group forwarding aliases with popular email providers:

Other users can still log in and manage orders as needed, but notifications will always be sent to the address listed as Primary Contact.

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