How to solve login issues or reset your password

Below are some common solutions if your having trouble logging in:

  • Check your login credentials. Many people have more than one email and its super easy to forget which email you signed up with. If you're having trouble logging in it could be because you are entering the wrong email and/or password.
  • Refresh your browser. Refreshing your browser can sometimes "unstick" things and also ensures you are using the latest version of our site.
  • Clear the cache and cookies on your computer. This super simple step can fix many common issues. This is because our computers love to hold on to all kinds of data and sometimes you just need a quick refresh. How to do this will depend on which browser you are using. If you are unsure how to clear the cache/cookies, this article can walk you through it.
  • Reset your password: To reset your password go to and click on the forgot password link.

Were you sent an invite to join Candid?

If you're a new buyer you might have been sent an email with a link that allows you to claim your account and create a password. Check your email and spam folders just in case. Once you find your email invite then click on the sign-in link in that email.

Not seeing your emails from Candid? Don't forget to add Candid to your email's address book!

Spam filters can block all kinds of emails, even the ones we want to receive, so we highly recommend everyone using Candid to add us to your address book so that your Candid emails don't end up in the spam folder. To learn more about getting your emails delivered correctly click here.

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