How to issue credits and refunds

We recommend sellers post their return policy under the Order Terms and Conditions section of their account. Click here to learn more about communicating your store policy with customers.

Note: In order to issue credits or refunds you will need to have Candid Pay set up and be actively invoicing customers using our system.

How to issue a credit via the order invoice

The most common steps when issuing a credit are:

  1. The buyer pays their invoice and asks for a credit for a particular item
  2. Seller creates a credit on the invoice
  3. The seller removes the item from the order
  4. The invoice is back to showing a zero balance
  5. The buyer can then use the credit when paying another invoice

Let's go into more detail about how this works below...

Credits can be issued through the order itself. On the invoice click on "Issue Refund or Credit":

Select "Credit", enter the amount, the reason for the credit, and then click Save:

Make sure to fill in the correct amount to credit:

The invoice will then update to show that a credit has been issued for that order:

The credit will also be recorded in your CRM on the buyer's Customer Details page:

The buyer will then see the option to use this credit next time they go to pay an invoice:

Why you need to remove the product when issuing a credit

After you issue a credit this will create a balance on the order. To remove this balance you will need to edit the order and remove the product. In this case we removed one item in the example below:

Removing the product that you issued the credit for will ensure the order total shows the correct balance due. Note that you can also remove the item before you issue the credit depending on what tasks you prefer to do first.

How to issue a credit via the Customer Details page

You also have the option to create a credit for someone by entering the credit directly into their Customer Details page under "Payment Credits" as seen below:

This method will also allow the buyer to apply the credit to future invoices.

How to issue refunds

Note: In order to process refunds you will need to have Candid Pay set up. Click here to learn more about Candid Pay.

Refunds can be issued through the order invoice. Navigate to the Invoices & Payments page and click on "Issue Refund or Credit":

On the next screen enter the amount to refund to the customer. Don't forget to select Refund and click Save:

After the refund is initiated the buyer will then receive an automated refund notification via email. Most refunds are processed the same day if it's during business hours and then can take up to 3-10 business days to show up in the customers account depending on their bank.

If you run into any issues with a credit or refund please email us at:

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