A step-by-step introduction to buying on Candid

If you still need to create an account you can register here: https://app.candidwholesale.com/register

If you have any trouble with the registration process or can't log in please send us a message and we will help you get logged in right away! Contact support here: team@candidwholesale.com

Navigating the Candid site

There are 5 main sections to your buyer account:

  • Buyer HQ page: quick access to your vendor's catalogs and a snapshot of recent orders.
  • Invoices page: a home for all your invoices and quick pay options.
  • Orders page: a list of all of your orders with filters to help you find specific orders quickly.
  • Vendors page: clickable links to your vendor's catalogs for fast ordering.
  • Settings page: account settings such as user emails, addresses, and notifications.

Note: After you create an account it's a good idea to set up your default shipping location(s). This will make it so that you can autofill your address onto orders and save time. You can save addresses under the Settings>Locations area of your account. You can also set up your order notifications under the Settings area.

👉🏻We strongly recommend adding noreply@candidwholesale.com to your email address book. That way your order and invoice notifications don't go to spam accidently!👈🏻

How to create an order and send it to your vendor

Step 1 - Select or look up your vendor's catalog

From your Vendors page click on the brand you would like to place an order with:

If you don't have any saved vendors yet you can look someone up by entering their name in the search bar seen here:

Step 2 - Browse a catalog and start a new order

To create a new order click "Start Order" seen in the upper right corner of the catalog:

🙌 Note that you will be able to view your vendors catalog while you are building the order! 🙌

Next, select products to add to the order:

Next, click select a product and then click the "Add To Order" button:

Next, enter a quantity and then click "Done":

Once you have selected products and entered quantities for everything, click on the "Send Order" button to send the order to the seller:

On the next screen you will be asked to enter or select your delivery address. You also have the option to send a message to your seller. Once you are done click the "Send Order" button:

The seller will then get an email notifying them that they have a new order from you. The seller will also be able to view the order in their Candid account.

While you're waiting for the seller to respond you will notice that your order status will be shown as an "Inquiry":

Final steps

After you submit the order there's nothing for you to do next but wait for the seller to send you shipping and invoicing details. Most sellers will respond very quickly to your order!

You can view all your orders and their current statuses from your "Orders" page:

If for some reason you don't hear back from the seller right away, you can always send them a message directly through the order you just sent. Just click on the "Messages" tab to send them a question:

Paying an invoice

When the seller approves the order they will also let you know what to expect for shipping and billing details. Most sellers will communicate their shipping and billing terms before you place an order with them.

Depending on the seller's terms, you will either pay your invoice directly in Candid or you will pay the invoice outside of Candid. You can learn more about this here: How to pay an invoice

Important Note: For the best experience we highly recommend using a tablet or larger device for placing orders. While Candid works well on a mobile phone for most things (like paying an invoice or sending a message), due to the size of some vendor catalogs you will generally have an easier time placing orders on a tablet or laptop.

How to save a copy of your order or invoice

You can save a PDF copy of your order or invoice by clicking on the "PDF / Print" button. This will automatically download the PDF to your computer, laptop, iPad, or other device. After the PDF is downloaded you can then print the PDF when you open it from the downloads list on your computer.

Note: For the best results we recommend always using the PDF / Print button to save a copy of the PDF. Since print settings are different for everyone please note that we are not able to control formatting on your computer or device. For this reason we recommend saving the PDF first and then printing the download. If you try to print the PDF editing page or the order page using the print function on your computer it will not be formatted correctly.

How to duplicate an order

For fast reordering, you have the ability to copy a previous order. You can do this by selecting "Reorder / Duplicate" from the "Tools" menu of the order you want to copy:

How to delete a draft order

If you accidently create an order you don't need you can delete it by clicking the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the order and selecting "Delete Draft":

Note that after you delete an order you will be sent to your Buyer HQ page. You can navigate back to your orders by clicking the Orders tab in the left panel navigation:

Next Steps / Learn More 👉🏻

How to get help from our support team

If you run into any issues or have questions please let us know right away. We provide live support Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time. Any messages received outside of those hours will be responded to on the following business day. We are closed for most major US holidays. You can reach our friendly and helpful support team at: team@candidwholesale.com

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