How to download or print a PDF copy of your orders and invoices

How to download a PDF of your order

When viewing your orders in Candid you have the ability to save a copy of your order or invoice in PDF format. When you click on "Print / PDF" a PDF of the order will open in a new tab in the same browser your viewing your Candid account in. In the new tab you can then download or print the PDF.

Print /Display Options - How to edit the way the PDF looks

Before printing or saving a copy of the order, you have the option to customize the the styling of the PDF. From the "View Order" page, you can expand the "Print / Display Options" to configure the way the PDF looks:

All computers handle PDF downloads slightly differently so depending on your computer's settings when you click the PDF button it may either open in a new tab or it will download directly to your computer.

Note: For the best results we recommend always using the PDF / Print button to save a copy of the PDF. Since print settings are different for everyone please note that we are not able to control formatting on your computer or device. For this reason we recommend saving the PDF first and then printing the download. If you try to print the PDF editing page or the order page using the print function on your computer it will not be formatted correctly.

What if the PDF won't open or download?

Since the PDF needs to open in another browser tab you will want to make sure you have pop-ups and redirects allowed for the Candid website. Pop-up settings will vary depending on which browser you are viewing Candid in.

In Chrome for example, you can select to allow pop-ups and redirects by clicking into the browser itself and changing the default in the drop-down menu:

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