How to hide pricing when sharing your wholesale catalog links

A common way to introduce your wholesale products to prospective new buyers is to share a catalog link with them. But sometimes you don't want every potential new customer to see your pricing and you only want them to be able to see products before they can start officially ordering from you.

For situations like this you can turn off pricing specifically for when you're sharing catalog links. This option can be set at the individual catalog level under the Catalogs>Customize page:

Click on the pencil icon next to the name of the catalog you are currently viewing:

In the example below notice there are multiple catalogs listed. Since each catalog has it's own settings you can hide pricing on one catalog while keeping it visible on another.

To learn more about how to set up multiple catalogs and collections click here: How to create new catalogs and customize how they look

Next, click on the text that says "Advanced" to see a list of additional options. Where it says "Show prices on shared Catalogs" click on the "No" button so that it's selected:

Note that you can take this a step further and also hide your products when sharing a catalog link with someone:

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