How to create multiple catalogs

A note about multiple catalogs

By default your account is preset with one default catalog and collection. You can continue to use Candid with just one catalog, or you have the option to create multiple catalogs and customize them to be unique from each other. This option comes in handy if you need to show certain collections of products to one particular group of customers. For example, if you have different pricing for different customers you might want to have separate catalogs for each price list. The instructions below will outline how to create additional catalogs and customize the look of them.

How to create a new catalog

Under the Catalogs>Customize page click on the pencil icon seen next to the name of the catalog you are currently viewing:

In the new screen that opens up click on Create A New Catalog:

Next, type in the name for your new catalog. If applicable select the price list that you want it to be associated with then click Save & Continue:

Note: To learn more about Price Lists click here: How to create custom Price Lists and assign them to Catalogs

How to customize the catalog layout

Within the Catalogs>Customize page you can find tools to customize the look of your catalogs and their associated collections using some of the following options:

  • Catalog Title - Edit the name of your catalog
  • Catalog Description - A rich text block that can include styled text, links, and images
  • Product Sections - Move and organize product sections
  • PDF Attachments - Lookbooks, linesheets, or any PDFs that you want buyers to see
  • Header Image - A nice big header image to make the experience feel completely branded
  • Embedded Video - A modal or full-screen video, directly on the page

Please Note: Your wholesale products will only appear in a catalog once you've published one or more products to that catalog. To learn more about how to publish products click here: How to publish products to one or more Collections

Wait, what's the difference between a Catalog and a Collection?

A Collection is group of products whereas a Catalog can be made up of one or more Collections. to learn more click here.

Catalog Title & Description

Under the "General" settings you can do the following:

  • Change the name of the collection title
  • Add ordering instructions for your customers
  • Add a collection description
  • Hide the visibility of your collection while you work on it

When you click on Edit Catalog Description the following editor will then open which you can use to add text, links or images:

Note: You can also use markdown syntax to add formatting to your text.

This description will then show up in your catalog for the buyer to see when they click on Learn more about this Catalog:

Products & Sections

Under the "Products" section you can choose the order you want your products to appear in your catalog. By default they are sorted by name but you can choose to sort them manually. To sort them manually, select "Sort Manually" and then click on the Organize Products button:

Under the "Sections" area you can change the order that product sections appear in your catalog. You can also edit the existing product sections or add new ones:

PDF Attachments

Under the "PDFs" section you can upload up to two PDF files to your catalog, and edit their names. These PDFs will then be available for your customers to view and download:

Note: While there is no file size limit for PDFs, there is a point where larger files can become unwieldy and awkward. For this reason we recommend keeping files under 25 MB, as that's usually the largest attachment you can send via email.

Header Image & Embedded Video

In the "Header" section you can upload an image for your catalog header and also upload a YouTube video:

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