How to embed a custom version of the Candid app on your website

What is Candid Embedded?

Candid Embedded is a custom wholesale portal that can be added on to your existing ecommerce site that allows your wholesale customers to shop from you the same way they would with a regular Candid account but you have much more control over the branding and customer experience. The embedded version of Candid is a good option if you want to have more control over the look of your wholesale site and also want to direct all of your customer traffic to your own website.

What does embedded look like?

The first part of the design is creating the look of your Storefront. Most storefronts will look something similar to the image seen below with an area for customers to login and begin shopping from your catalog:

How much does it cost?

At the Pro subscription level, Candid Embedded can be added on to your account for an additional $150 per month. For Complete & Unlimited subscriptions Candid Embedded is included in the monthly subscription cost. You can learn more about our different subscription options here:

What's included with Candid Embedded?

  • Custom embedded design and setup done by our team
  • Custom brand colors to match your website
  • Custom transactional emails
  • Custom Flodesk buyer onboarding email

How is embedded set up?

  • Schedule a meeting with our team.
  • We'll discuss how you want Candid embedded to look on your website.
  • We may need to gather examples of what kind of colors, fonts and other design elements you want to use.
  • You send us collaborator access to your site so we can begin building the embedded wholesale portal.
  • Depending on the level of complexity and current workload we can usually get embedded set up in under 2 weeks.
  • Before you launch your embedded site we'll want to run some test orders first to make sure everything is working the way you want it to.
  • When you're ready to launch the site to your buyers we can send out custom onboarding emails to your customers to help them prepare to order from your new site.

To get Candid Embedded set up on your website please contact our support team so that we can schedule a time to discuss how you want the installation to work on your site. Please note that we will need temporary developer access to your ecommerce website to do the installation since it requires some custom coding on our end. To get started you can contact us here.

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