How to create custom price lists

Assign price lists to catalogs

Price lists and catalogs are two powerful customization tools that can work together, or individually, to help you show the right pricing and product collections to the right customers.

Assign price lists to specific customers

If you sell the same products but with different pricing to different buyers, you can manage this by creating multiple price lists and assign that pricing to specific catalogs. Those catalogs can then be assigned to individual customers.

Assign catalogs to specific customers

You can create different catalogs and assign specific product collections to them. You can then assign those Catalogs to specific customers.

To learn more about how to create custom product collections click here.

Please Note: You do not need to create more than one price list in order to create additional catalogs. You can choose to use a single, default price list for all of your catalogs if you like.

How to create a new price list

To get started head to your Settings>Price Lists page. Buyers won't see the name you give the price list you make, so you can name them whatever you like here:

Once you create the new price list you will see it under the drop-down menu found under the Pricing tab of your Products page:

Important! If you do nothing to a new price list, all products on that price list will automatically inherit the pricing from their counterparts on the Default list. To display different pricing for each list you must edit the pricing for each list. You can learn more about editing pricing here.

Note that pricing can be edited for each list using the bulk editor tools:

How to assign a price list to a specific customer

You can assign price lists to specific buyers on their Customer Details page, ensuring they see the right pricing every time they shop from you.

To assign pricing, go to the Customers page and click on the customer name. Then select the price list you want them to see from the drop-down menu:

Moving forward that customer will always see their assigned pricing when placing orders.

How to create new catalogs and assign them to a price list

You can further customize your sharing options by creating different catalogs that contain specific product collections.

When creating new catalogs you also have the option to attach a specific price list to that catalog. This allows you to group that price list and catalog into a single, shareable link that you can share with your customers.

Catalogs can be created and easily customized from within your catalog editor. To get started click Manage Catalogs:

On the next screen click Create A New Catalog:

On the next screen you will be able to enter a name for your catalog and assign pricing if needed. This can be edited later as needed:

How to share a link to your catalog

From the Connect page click on Share Catalog:

A drop-down menu will open that allows you to choose which catalog to create a link for. You can then copy and paste the link into emails or anywhere else that you connect with your buyers:

How to assign a catalog to a customer

If you want certain customers to only see specific products you can assign a catalog to them. You can do this by selecting a customer from your Customers page and selecting which catalog you want them to see in the drop-down menu seen here:

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