How to view your purchase order history

When you (or your vendor) create orders in Candid those orders will be automatically listed on your Orders page:

So if for example, you start an order from a vendor's catalog, that order will show up on your orders page so that you can come back and edit it at any time.

The orders page is also a good way to check on the status of your purchase orders and see what has shipped or if you have invoices that need to be paid.

To open and view an individual order simply click on the order from the list:

Note that you can use search filters to find specific orders:

Some of the filters that you can use to narrow your search are seen here:

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have so many draft orders?

  • If you're noticing a lot of draft orders some of those orders might have been created accidentally. You can remove unnecessary draft orders by clicking on Delete Draft directly in the order header:

NOTE: If an order has already been sent, buyers are no longer allowed to delete them – rather, this button becomes "Request Cancelation."

How do I know if my seller has received my order?

  • If your order is still in a Draft state this means you need to send the order to your seller. Once you click the Submit button your seller will be immediately notified they have a new order from you:

My vendor hasn't responded to my order, what should I do now?

  • The best thing to do in this situation is to send a message to your vendor. You can message them directly from your order in Candid by using the Messages tab:

  • If you have sent them messages and you're still having trouble reaching the seller let our support team know:

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