How to upload products with a CSV

What's a CSV?

A CSV file is a plain text file that contains a list of data in a spreadsheet format. These files are often used for exchanging data between different applications. For example, databases and contact managers often support CSV files.

While many Candid users choose to use a direct integration with their ecommerce store to upload their products, you also have the option to upload your products to Candid using a CSV. In this situation, a CSV can be used as a type of file that holds all of your product data from your ecommerce site. This is an option for people currently using ecommerce sites that we don't directly integrate with yet or for anyone who has too many products to create them manually in Candid.

How do I create a CSV?

Before you create the CSV, we recommend making any needed updates to your ecommerce store first. This will make things easier so that you don't have to go back and keep making edits to your CSV.

There are two ways to create the CSV:

  1. Export it from your current ecommerce store or wherever you have your products listed. Most ecommerce sites will have instructions on how to download a CSV export in their help center.
  2. Use our template and add your products to the CSV from scratch. You can download the template here.

Tips for filling out the Candid CSV template

If you have a product list from another platform you can use that info to copy and paste into our template. You will just need to make sure everything goes in the correct rows and columns on our CSV.

If you're building the CSV manually, please note: every row of the CSV is a product variant – there is no separate row for the product itself, so if you have a product with four variants (eg, 2 sizes and 2 colors), you'll need to enter 4 rows, like so:

How do I upload the CSV?

Once you are ready please contact us at and we will get the CSV uploaded for you.

Setting up your Candid Catalog

After your products are in Candid, you can pick which ones are available for your wholesale catalog. You can learn more about this here: How to publish products to your wholesale catalog

Editing products after the CSV upload

You can manually edit product details such as images, variants, descriptions, and pricing from the Product Manager page.

Still have questions?

That's ok! Our support team can help. If you need any assistance please send us a message:

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