How do I invoice a customer who doesn't have an account?

One of the features of Candid is the ability for sellers to create orders for their buyers who don't have an account in Candid. This article talks about how to send an invoice as a link or as a PDF copy to the buyer in these situations.

Mark the order as Invoiced Externally

Before you share the invoice with your customer you will want to select "Mark Invoiced Externally" from the drop-down menu on the invoice:

This will allow you to share the invoice with your customer outside of Candid.

How to send a buyer a link to the order with a payment portal

Note: This method requires Candid Pay to be set up first.

As a seller, you have the ability to share a link to an order with someone who isn't in Candid. This allows you to send a link to a purchase order for verification, approval, or payment to anyone outside Candid.

To use this feature, click on the "Share Order Link" button seen in the left-side navigation of the order:

This will copy a link to the order to your computer's clipboard.

You can then paste the link into an email and it will be openable by non-Candid users. If you have Candid Pay set up your buyer will also have the ability to pay for the order with the link you sent them.

When your buyer opens the link they will see a copy of the order and a way to pay their invoice:

From here they can also save a copy of the invoice by clicking the PDF button.

When they click "Pay Invoice" a secure payment portal will open up:

How to send the buyer a PDF copy of their invoice

Clicking the "Print / PDF" button found under the "Tools" menu of the order will allow you to save a copy of the PDF to your computer:

On the next screen you will be able to customize the PDF before you download it to your computer:

You can then use the saved copy of the PDF to print out, or you can send a copy of the PDF to your buyer.

If you have Candid Pay set up the customer can also use a payment portal on the PDF you send them to pay their invoice.

How to share an invoice with a buyer outside of Candid

(for non-Candid Pay users)

The directions are the same as above but when your buyer receives the emailed order link or PDF it won't include a payment portal. In this situation, you will need to collect payment from your buyer outside of Candid.

Once you have collected payment from the customer you can mark the invoice as paid by clicking "Record Offline Payment":

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