How to update addresses and shipping locations

You can save multiple addresses to your account that can be used later when building orders. For example you can have different addresses saved to your account for different shipping locations. You also have the option to set a default address for things like receiving shipments or deliveries.

To update or add a new address click on your Settings page:

Then navigate to the Locations tab:

Under the locations tab you can:

  • Set up default addresses
  • Edit existing addresses
  • Add new addresses

Tip: You can have multiple address locations that you can use for different orders or shipments. This is particularly helpful for stores with multiple locations or warehouses. 

Important Note: When you save a person's name and email to a saved location like in the example above this does not automatically give them access to your account. If you would like to add someone to your account you will need to send them a login invite. You can learn more about how to give someone account access here: How to add other users to your account

How do I delete a location?

If you need to remove an address you can select "Edit" and then "Archive" to remove the address from your saved locations:

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