How to register for a wholesale buyer account

Account creation can happen in one of the following ways:

  • A vendor sends you an order link
  • A vendor sends you an onboarding link (this skips the registration process)
  • A vendor shares their catalog or storefront link with you
  • Candid creates an account for you and then emails you a link to log in
  • You register for an account directly through the Candid website

Note: Only use one of the above methods to register for an account. Otherwise you could end up creating duplicate accounts. It's also important to remember which email you used to register for an account with. Trying to login with a different email than the one you used to register with could also create a new account since an unregistered email will trigger the account creation process all over again. After you setup your account you can always add additional emails and users to your account.

Registration requirements

Under most circumstances account registration is required before you can start ordering. Registration verification requirements can vary depending on your vendor but at a minimum you will always need to set up a login with a password.

Why do I need to register?

Registering for an account is required for all buyers and sellers who use Candid. This helps keep our site secure and it also allows buyers and sellers to save their ordering history and company details. This way you don't have to enter your purchasing details every time you want to place a new order. Registration only takes 1-2 minutes and in the long run will make reordering much faster.

Verifying your account details

During registration you will be asked to enter the link for your organization's website. Our system automatically verifies websites but occasionally gets it wrong and rejects a website. If this happens you can skip this step by clicking Add Organization Manually:

Note: If you don't have a website that's ok! You can also register manually instead.

What if I already have an account but can't login?

If you think you already have an account but can't login this might be because a different email is associated with the account. If this is the case reach out to our support team and we can help you get into your account.

What if it says my account is already "claimed"?

If you're getting an error notification that says your account has already been claimed this usually means there is another company in our database with the same business name or website. It could also mean that your email has a pending account invite that hasn't been claimed. If you get any error messages like this please let our support team know and we can help you access your account.

If you have any trouble with the registration process or can't log in please send us a message and we can help you get logged in right away:

Navigating the Candid site

There are 4 main sections to your buyer account:

  • Buyer HQ page: quick access to recent orders, invoices, and vendor catalogs.
  • Orders page: all your order history in one place and filters to help you find specific orders quickly.
  • Vendors page: a list of everyone you buy from and links to their catalogs.
  • Settings page: account settings such as user emails, addresses, and notifications.

Note: After you create an account it's a good idea to set up your default shipping location(s). This will make it so that you can autofill your address onto orders and save time. You can save addresses under the Settings>Locations area of your account. You can also set up your order notifications under the Settings area.

👉🏻We strongly recommend adding to your email address book. That way your order and invoice notifications don't go to spam accidently!👈🏻

Troubleshooting login problems

  • Check your login credentials. Many people have more than one email and it's super easy to forget which email you signed up with. If you're having trouble logging in it could be because you are entering the wrong email and/or password.
  • Refresh your browser. Refreshing your browser can sometimes "unstick" things and also ensures you are using the latest version of our site.
  • Clear the cache and cookies on your computer. This super simple step can fix many common issues. This is because our computers love to hold on to all kinds of data and sometimes you just need a quick refresh. How to do this will depend on which browser you are using. If you are unsure how to clear the cache/cookies, this article can walk you through it.
  • Reset your password: To reset your password go to and click on the forgot password link.

Add us to your email contacts list

Spam filters can sometimes send legitimate emails to junk folders, so we highly recommend adding to your address book so that your Candid emails don't end up in the spam folder.

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