How to start an order from a catalog link

Brands will often share catalog links so that retailers can easily start a new order with them and introduce them to placing orders using Candid. A vendor catalog will look something like the image below.

Clicking the Start Order button will either allow you to create a new order, or you will be taken to registration page depending on whether or not you have an account already.

You can also start a new order while viewing an individual item in a catalog:

After you click the Start Order button you will be taken to a registration page. You only need to fill out the registration page if you don't already have a Candid account.

Note: If you already have an account click on the Sign In link seen at the bottom of the registration form instead.

After you complete the registration form you will then be able to continue creating an order using the catalog link.

After starting an order from the catalog link the first thing you will see is a Draft Order with the same catalog featured alongside a list of order sections and actions:

Important! 👉🏻

To complete the new order you will need to select products from the catalog shown on the order form. If you return to your vendors catalog link you will only create more new draft orders and you don't want that!

Next Steps:

To continue learning how to send an order to your vendor, click here: How to create a purchase order

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